In his bid to demonstrate his commitment to the wellbeing of his workforce and ensure camaraderie among his staff, the Director-General, Mohamed Fuaad Daboh on Monday 10th March 2019 paid a sympathy visit to two of his hospitalized staff,  Madam Aminata Foday-Kai, Secretary to the Deputy Director-General and Mr.  Momodu Kamara, an Inspector in the Government Operations Department and outgoing President of the NASSIT Staff Association. Expressing sympathy to the hospitalized staff, the Director-General said,

“I am sad to hear of your illness. I want you to know how affected I am by this and to assure you that you are in my daily prayer. I am sure everyone at work feels the same. You are a valued friend and colleague. You have been on our minds and in our prayers these past few days. We look forward to your return, but please don't rush yourself. Your full recovery is the most important thing now”. He issued a get well soon card to both employees.

The Director-General also extended his thanks and appreciation to the staff of both hospitals, Mary Immaculate Hospital and Shuman Hospital for the show of care they have demonstrated for the wellbeing of his staff.   He encouraged them to keep up the good work. “Selfless service is what we need to push the country forward”, he maintained. On their part, the two colleagues expressed their gratitude to the Director-General for his show of concern and fatherly care. They said it is difficult to see a Chief Executive of his caliber leave his busy schedule to visit hospitalized colleagues. This clearly shows much of the human being he is.  “Your visit has given us hope and has demonstrated the true meaning of NASSIT We Care”, they mused. Meanwhile, the Director-General also visited Mrs. Mballu Turay, a staff of the Internal Audit Division who was hospitalized at the Choithram’s Memorial Hospital after undergoing a surgical operation.  

Talking to Mrs. Turay, the Director-General expressed his surprise at and sadness for the hospitalization of Mrs. Turay. However, Mr. Daboh expressed optimism for her wellbeing and asked all staff to pray for their colleague. He encouraged Mrs. Turay not to be thinking much about her job but to focus on her health and recovery, which is most important at the moment. On his part, Mr. Abdul Turay, husband to Mrs. Mballu Turay expressed his gratitude to the Director-General for the show of care and exemplary leadership. He assured the Director-General of the quest of Mrs. Turay to go back to work.  The Director-General gave a sympathy card to Mrs. Turay as he left the hospital

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