Have you registered?

It is mandatory for all employers to ensure that workers in their establishments /organizations /businesses are registered with NASSIT. Even if an organisation employs only one worker, that worker must be registered and contributions paid on his/her behalf.

Who bears the responsibility for the registration of employees?

Employers have the responsibility to register their employees by ensuring that they complete the Member's Registration Form (SS 1A) if they don’t already have a Social Security Number.

Who is covered by the Scheme?

  1. All Workers, whether permanent, temporary, seasonal casual, probational or provisional, who are not over 55 years old.
  2. Domestic service in private homes is covered by social security. “Domestic service” means work normally performed as an essential part of household duties. These include baby sitters, divers of family cars, cooks, gardeners, maids, watchmen, etc.
  3. An employee of a foreign government, international organization or their wholly-owned instrumentality based in Sierra Leone, for the coverage of its Sierra Leonean workers, and
  4. Employees of sole proprietorship and partnership
  5. A self-employed person, regardless of trade, business or occupation, who is not over 55 years old, may register with NASSIT. Included in the self-employed group are persons such as:
    • Business partners, single proprietors and board directors;
    • Actors, actresses, directors, scriptwriters and news reports who are not under an employer-employee relationship;
    • Professional athletes, coaches, trainers and jockeys;
    • Farmers and fisherfolks; and
    • Workers in the informal sector such as cigarette vendors, wash Your-car boys, and hospitality girls among others

The registration process for employers requires that:
  • All Employers must complete an Employer Registration Form (Form SS 2A) provided by NASSIT
  • Employers must contact and submit the completed SS2A forms to any NASSIT office immediately after completion
  • All completed SS2A Forms must be endorsed by an Inspector or a senior NASSIT official.
  • All registered Employers whose forms have been verified and endorsed will be issued with an Employers Registration Number through a letter confirming registration with NASSIT. (Employers should contact the nearest NASSIT office if confirmation letters and the ER Numbers are not communicated to them within __ weeks following submission of forms)

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