Procurement Number: NASSIT/ICT/PS/EOI/ICB/008/21   

NASSIT Responses last updated Date: 13th Oct 2021

Response to Queries on 13th Oct, 2021

  1. This is with regard to item five (5) of the high-level requirements referenced below: 5. Support for the execution of all processes required in accordance with the laws governing NASSIT, as well as NASSIT’s regulations, policies, etc. that are in effect on the day of contract execution. Would you please provide us with documentation and / or a list of laws governing NASSIT, as well as NASSIT's regulations and policies that a proponent should account for when preparing the EOI? 

Procurement Number: NASSIT/ICT/PS/EOI/ICB/008/21             

Date of Issue: 13th September, 2021

 The NATIONAL SOCIAL SECURITY AND INSURANCE TRUST (NASSIT), Freetown, Sierra Leone, West Africa, invites interested firms to provide their intent for the above-mentioned systems.

The high-level functionality required by the new solution includes the following:

  1. Supply and installation of a scalable Multi-Factor Biometrics (Fingerprint, Face and Voice) systems to enroll and identify 1.5 million biometric enrolments, scaling to 6 Million over time.

Invitation for Bids

Procurement Number: NASSIT/ADMIN/FI/NCB/GOO8/2021

 Date of First Issue: 13th September, 2021

 The National Social Security and Insurance Trust has allocated funds for the procurement of Office Furniture for the financial year 2021. The Trust now invites sealed bids from eligible suppliers for the supply of Office Furniture as stated below:

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