The NASSIT Scheme is financed from members' contributions and investment income

Contributions can be paid either by cash, cheque or bank transfer to any NASSIT office.
  • Employers should deduct 5% from the earnings of an employee at the end of every month, as that employee’s Social Security contribution;
  • The employer should then add 10% of the employee’s earnings as that employer's contribution on behalf of the employee;
  • The total 15% contribution should be paid to NASSIT within fifteen days after the end of the month.
  • If a person is concurrently employed by two or more contributing employers, all the employers must pay social security contributions on the wages/earnings given to that employee.
  • No employer is allowed by law to reduce, whether directly or indirectly, the earnings or other emoluments of any member of the Scheme.
  • A self-employed/voluntary contributor pays the full 15% on his/her declared income.
  • Directors of companies are considered employees if they are engaged under a contract of service and paid a salary on top of fees.
  • Contributions are payable for contract, part-time/casual employees.

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