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Social Security is an organized programme that provides income protection for its members in the event of certain contingencies such as Old Age, Invalidity and Death.
The object of the National Social Security and Insurance Trust is to provide retirement and other benefits to meet the contingency needs of workers and their dependants.
The National Social Security and Insurance Trust is a social insurance scheme in which members contribute periodically and receive benefit when a contingency occurs. The scheme is therefore contributory.
The scheme covers all formal sector employers and employees on a mandatory basis. It provides voluntary membership for the self employed.
Everyone can register and become a member of NASSIT. It is mandatory for all employers to ensure that workers in their establishments/organisations/businesses are registered with NASSIT. Even if an organisation employs only one worker, that worker must be registered and contributions paid on his behalf.
The process include:
  1. Fill and complete the Employer Registration Form (Form SS 2A) issued by NASSIT.
  2. Submit completed SS2A forms to any NASSIT office immediately upon completion.
  3. All completed SS2A Forms must be endorsed by an Inspector or a senior NASSIT official.
  4. All registered Employers whose forms have been verified and endorsed will be issued with an Employers Registration Number through a letter confirming registration with NASSIT.
Financing of the Social Security Scheme comes primarily from contributions and investment earnings. The amounts of current contributions not needed to pay benefits are accumulated in a Reserve Fund, to cover future liabilities in benefit payments to members.
Members of the Scheme are entitled to a package of benefits, as prescribed by the NASSIT Act of 2001, in the event of Old age, Invalidity, and Death. Essentially, NASSIT provides for a replacement of income lost on account of the above-mentioned contingencies.
The Scheme provides cash benefits to its contributors/members in respect of:
  1. Old age gratuity and Old age pension.
  2. Reduced or Early Retirement pension.
  3. Retirement grant.
  4. Invalidity pension.
  5. Invalidity grant.
  6. Survivors’ pension.
  7. Survivors’ grant.
This is when a determinable physical or mental impairment prevents a member or contributor from engaging in any meaningful gainful employment. The member must have an extreme impairment which makes him permanently unable to do the work he did previously or to engage in any other gainful employment.
  1. Member must have contributed for a minimum period of 60 months of which twelve (12) months’ contribution must have been paid during the last thirty-six months preceding the commencement of invalidity;
  2. Member must have been declared permanently and totally incapable of further employment by a qualified and recognized medical officer and certified by the Medical Board.
A survivor or dependant is:
  • a spouse
  • a dependent child under 18 years, if not in formal education
  • a dependent child under 23 years, if in formal education
  • more importantly, a dependant’s name must have been listed as such on the registration (SS 1A) form or Data Update (SS1C) form.
  1. The deceased must have been in receipt of, or entitled to, an old age or invalidity pension, or
  2. The deceased must have contributed for a minimum period of sixty (60) months, twelve (12) of which must be within the last thirty-six (36) months preceding death.
NASSIT has offices in Western Area, Northern, Northwest, Southern and Eastern regions of the country. 
    Head Office
    • 32 Walpole Street, P.O. BOX 29, Freetown | Contact: +232 22225365/ +23222290560 | Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    • Regional Office - West
      • Formel Parcel Post Building, Wallace Johnson Street, Freetown | Contact: 811 | Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
      • West East Office
        • 77 Bai Bureh Road Kissy, Freetown | Contact: 813 | Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.