Procurement Number: NASSIT/ICT/PS/EOI/ICB/007/21             

Date of Issue: 30th July, 2021

 Amendment 1.1:

Reference to the Procurement notice with reference number: NASSIT/ICT/PS/EOI/ICB/007/21 from NASSIT for the Expression of Interest of a Pension Administration System, the. Last date of submission of the EOI is hereby extended to the Friday 20th August, 2021, 14:00 hrs GMT.

The revised procurement schedule is as follows:

EOI Issued                                                    1st July 2021

Amendment 1 Issued                                      20th July 2021

Last date for queries related to the EOI        13th  August 2021

Expression of Interest Responses due           20th August 2021, 1400 hrs GMT

Opening of EOI responses                             20th  August 2021, 1500 hrs GMT

RFP Issued to Qualified vendors                      Mid October 2021

Additional schedule dates will be notified during the RFP process

 Amendment 1.2:

Attached is a template for Firms to use for their submission to NASSIT’s Expression of Interest for a Pensions Administration Systems. All firms are required to submit their EOI responses as per this attached template.

Amendment 1.3 :

 NASSIT has received some queries from firms on seeking clarifications on the EOI. The queries and responses from NASSIT are as attached in a separate document.

 Amendment 1.4 :

On Page 6 of the EOI, the last paragraph includes ‘Biometrics and Call Centre’ and may be read as:

Other projects initiated by NASSIT and expected to be completed by the end of 2021 include the following:

  • Design and Implementation of Scalable High Throughput Network Infrastructure including headquarters data center and DR sites
  • Data Cleaning Process including Biometrics data
  • Biometrics and Call Centre
  • Web-Based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System

On Page 7 of the EOI, item under bullet 8 may be read as:

  1. Full internal integration with a Biometrics and call center application




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