Our new western sub office

The National Social Security Insurance Trust (NASSIT) on Friday commissioned its new West-West sub-office at 132C Wilkinson Road, Freetown.
This is in line with its 2015 to 2017 strategic plan to take its services to the doorstep of Sierra Leoneans.
Also, it is intended to meet the needs of its largest operational area, which is growing very fast.
In his statement at the commissioning of the office, the Director of Operations (D.O.), Amadu Dainkeh said, “as a service delivery institution, we are striving to bring our services as close as possible to our customers.”
It is based on the conviction of the Trust that a West-West sub-office will considerably reduce the cost of transaction between the Trust and its clients that this office was acquired.
Dainkeh accentuated, “we believe [this] will considerably reduce the transaction costs involved in doing business with the Trust, as members can now easily access the office in their locality to register with the scheme, update their bio and financial data, validate their past services, and easily process their benefit documents and access their benefits in their locality, and all other enquires relating to their membership with the scheme.”
He also spotlighted the constraints employers are faced with braving through “traffic congestion and its associated inconveniences just to register or effect payment of contributions for their employees in the city Centre is a nightmare.”
However, he added that with the opening of the new office, “they will now transact business with the Trust in their locality, also Government pensioners can now receive pensions closer to their locality.”
The D.O stressed that the establishment of the satellite office will also be beneficial to the Trust, as it will for more effective inspections as inspectors now work in the locality they are responsible for, adding that “this saves time and allows for combining of such localities to identify new non-registered establishment in addition to closer monitoring of registered establishments in their locality.”
NASSIT’s Director General, Joseph Sedu Mans Jr. also stressed the need for a satellite office.
He said, “The need for establishing a second operational office in the Western Area is in fact long overdue.”
“For far too long our customers in the Western Area have encountered difficult challenges in accessing our facilities. Everyone had to come all the way to the centre of town in order to access our basic services,” said Mr. Mans
He proudly underscored that with the establishment of “NASSIT West-West Office, we are truly responding to the genuine needs of our esteemed customers, and I am very proud to be a part of it.”
The Director-General concluded by expressing his delight in being part of an epic moment, noting, “In the midst of all our challenges, we have not lost sight of our strategic direction as an institution, and finally taken off towards a more successful


an excerpt from http://www.awoko.org

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