Director General Tours Regional Offices

Upon his appointment as Director General of NASSIT on the 30th May 2018, Mr. Mohamed Fuaad Daboh took
time off to visit the Regional Offices of Makeni, Kenema and Bo, with a brief stop-over in the
NASSIT sub office in Kono. In each of these locations, the Director General had a meeting with the staff of
NASSIT and thereafter, visited all NASSIT investment sites and paid courtesy calls to stakeholders in the three townships.

Speaking to all the staff in the Regional Offices, the Director General expressed his thanks and
appreciation to the Almighty God for making his visit and appointment possible. He thanked His Excellency the
President, Rtd. Brig. Julius Maada Bio, for reposing confidence in him to lead his agenda for the New Direction in NASSIT.

He intimated the meeting that his visit was part of his familiarization tour as the new Director General of
NASSIT. He intimated the meetings that his visit was not to talk on Operations, Investment or Systems, but that
he had come as Director General to appeal to all that a new direction had come to NASSIT, a new dawn in the affairs of
not only NASSIT but the personal lives of every staff of the institution. He said as an institution, we could
celebrate the gains we have made over the years but we should also face the challenges we are going through at the moment.
The Director General informed the meetings that in his address to Parliament, he conceded the fact that NASSIT was faced
with challenges as an institution but that, “We are not broke”.

“NASSIT is not broke; we have the requisite human resource capital to turn things round,” the
Director General boasted. He stated that no matter the willingness of the employers or institutions to comply with the
scheme, the kind of infrastructure and the ICT facilities, if you don’t have the requisite human capital then you are nowhere.

He called on all staff to seek peace with one another, commenting that in the past years, whether advertently or inadvertently,
we have hurt each other which, to him, is bound to happen in a multi cultured environment. He said our ability to move on in
the mist of such adversities makes us a good institution.

The Director General intimated staff that one unique factor of NASSIT is its hybrid nature. “We are at some point
considered as a service industry, operational institution, a financial institution or both but the good think is, we
fall within all three definitions. What has happened over the years is that we have allowed the public to define us.
In their definition we are considered a defunct, short sighted and purposeless institution. We have allowed them to mourn
the very things we celebrate. Customers come to us and return frustrated, and in all of this, none of us had stood firm to
define the situation. This has become our definition. It has come across all facets of our work: Operations, Investment,
Customer Service and Benefit”, the Director General stated.

He said our greatest challenge is, what do we do? How do we turn around this bizarre situation, how do we earn the respect
of our customers and give them value for their service? The Director General reminded staff that as an institution, we have
put out messages to our customers: “We have told them, we are a center of excellence, we have shown them our core values that
define us and they come to our environment with that expectation, but we have not kept to those promises. We give appointments
to our clients but when they come we are not there to fulfill our promise; they go home indifferent, regretting to have
believed us in the first place”.

Mr. Fuaad Daboh reiterated that there is a contractual agreement between NASSIT as an institution and staff, and that the
institution has not reneged on its own part. He said successive leadership has not failed in the payment of salaries, bonuses,
leave allowances and even medical, stating that NASSIT is among the best institutions in the country that cares for their
employees; but on our part we have failed in our promise and obligation. This change, he said, was needed, if we are
to keep our promise to our institution, our clients and to ourselves.

On the attitude of staff, Mr. Daboh informed all that his philosophy is rooted in discipline and fairness. He called on all
staff to desist from late coming, tiredness and be punctual at work, saying that the Director of Operations will be doing an
on the spot visit to monitor staff performance in line with laid down principles of the organization.

In conclusion, the Director General cautioned staff that he was appointed by the President to work, and that he will
allow the President to do his work. “In the New Direction”, he stated, “if you fail to take decision, the President will take
it for you”. He therefore appealed to all staff to support him to maintain the good relationship he has established with
everyone in the institution over time. He assured every staff of his maximum support as Director General and the entire
Management. He reaffirmed his commitment to fairness and equity in the organization, saying everyone would be rewarded on
the basis of their personal merit and on the content of ability.

“No more free ride, the era of babysitting is over”, he cautioned. He informed the meetings about the relieving of the duties
of two Deputy Directors General and the appointment of Mr. Mohammed Gondoe as Deputy Director General. He reassured the staff
that nobody will be victimized as long as they are ready to do their work.

In his statement, the Director of Operation, Amadu Failu Dainkeh, intimated the staff that the appointment of
Mr.Mohamed Fuaas Daboh as Director General was God-sent. He urged all staff to recognize that change has come, to embrace the
change and support the new direction in the organization. He acknowledged that fact that all has not been well in the
organization and that we are all guilty of neglecting our responsibilities. He called on all to make a turn around and make a
good use of the change that has come.
On his part, the Director of Investment, Brima I. B. Kargbo, appealed to all staff to be vigilant in scheme management and
go back to our basics for the good of the organization. He said all of us have contracts of employment, and that all of us
should do well in ensuring we achieve the objectives of the institution so that there will be value for the pay we receive.

Introducing the Director General, the Director of Administration and Human Resource, Peter Jusu Kenah, described the
man of the moment as an astute human resource guru, a steadfast and hardworking man. He said, the Director General is a man
of discipline and very committed to his work and does things procedurally. He informed the meeting that during the handing
over ceremony in the conference room at NASSIT, he made a pledge on behalf of all the staff of NASSIT that together we will
give our unflinching support to the new regime so that collectively we move this Trust to a higher height.

The Director General and his team visited the various investment project sites in Makeni, Bo and Kenema, including
the plazas and transport terminals, the affordable houses and the Regional Managers’ quarters under construction.

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