The Office of the Director General (DG), The Directorate is vested with the overall strategic and operational responsibility for the Trust’s employees, programs, expansion of coverage; and execution of its mission and strategy in accordance with the directives of the Board of Trustees.

Information and Communication Technology Division

The ICT Division is one of the six divisions in NASSIT and is responsible for providing and maintaining a single logical data repository capable of supporting all of NASSIT’s core business activities; establishing and maintaining effective and efficient information and communication system; ensuring the proper maintenance of contributor’s records; planning and executing research projects; coordinating the design analysis of surveys and preparing the Trust’s corporate plan. The Division comprises a Records Section and two departments (Technology and Systems departments) which are directly supervised by a Director.

Public Affairs Division

The Division focuses exclusively on issues relating to publicity, marketing communications, protocol duties and hospitality. The Directorate is comprised of the Public Affairs Departments.

Finance Division

This division is responsible for the overall formulation and implementation of financial policy of the Trust and manages the fund of the Scheme. It is also responsible for the preparation of timely reports for management and the Board of Trustees. These reports include the annual budget, the annual financial statement of accounts, periodic financial accounts and quarterly budgetary performance reports.

Administration and Human Resources Division

The division is comprised of the Human Resources and Administration and Facilities Departments and is responsible for all related staff issues, from Resourcing, training, development, staff welfare, general HR operations and employee relations.; as well as general services and providing logistics to ensure that staff work in the right atmosphere and have the necessary tools for efficient performance. The HR department is further divided into two sections: Resourcing and Development, and HR Operations and Welfare; and the Admin and Facilities Department is divided into two sections: Logistics and Transport; and Facilities.


The principal functions of this division include, but are not limited to: the responsibility for enforcing compliance with the Laws of the Scheme to ensure that the various programs embarked upon by the Trust are in accordance with the Law. It defends the Trust’s interest in Court and provides legal opinion and advice on issues relating to the Trust’s operations. The Division also perfects titles, and documents, all title deeds on landed properties; it draws up and executes deeds of agreements in various transactions. It also proffers opinion on the legality of any investment of the Trust.